How to get the wedding photos of your dreams

The wedding day can be considered as one of the most important days in person’s life, which is fulfilled with many emotional moments and beautiful details. Wedding photography is a very specialized field, which combines many different styles and approaches including portraiture, photojournalism, documentary and artistic photography.

Wedding photography is a field in photography, which is considered to be one of the most challenging ones in the industry. It requires strong interpersonal skills, sound knowledge, and experience as well as business mind to be a successful wedding photographer in our time.

Once the bridal couple starts the search for the perfect candidate they are faced with enormous choices and options.

So which one should you choose?

Firstly the wedding photographer is one of the most important service providers on the day as he/she will be responsible for creating the memories of your special day you were so looking forward to. The task of selecting the right person for the job should be taken very seriously so there are no regrets in the future when these moments are gone forever. The wedding album is the only thing you are going to have left from your perfect fairy tale day. And it has to be perfect, as your family history will start from it. The section below will explain some important key points on selecting the photographer and considerations, which should be taken into account while selecting your wedding photographer.

One of the most trustable and easy ways to find a good photographer in a short time period is to ask friends and relatives who had gotten married already. There will always be an option to view their wedding photos and you will be able to see the style and quality of the work. You will also be able to find out everything about that specific photographer including his/her attitude on the wedding day, professionalism, and personal approach. So if you are happy with what you see, feel confident to go ahead and book the photographer.

However, if the option of relative’s referral is unavailable and you are the first ones to get married from your circle of friends be ready to search hard for the perfect person for that role. You will be browsing through many sites with a diverse portfolio of many wedding photographers and will eventually make a choice to contact one or a few of them. Once you have made an appointment for a meeting take some time to prepare a list of questions and don’t feel shy to ask. This is very important as in many instances some very important aspects are overlooked.

Here are some of the most important questions you should bring up in your interview.


Education and Experience

The photographer should have at least 5 years of experience and an artistic background. He/she should be able to produce high-quality images in any circumstances, including challenging lighting, bad weather conditions, and stressful situations. The photographer should be accustomed to many different styles of photography and be able to apply a diverse set of lighting effects and creative compositions.


The photographer should at least have two professional camera bodies, preferably full frame, and a set of minimum 3 different high-quality lenses. This is extremely important for creating professional images. Remember that only expensive equipment produces the best results. No matter how good the photographer is he/she can only “squeeze” so much out of the available camera.


This is a very important factor, as it will affect your photographs directly. You should feel very comfortable in front of the lens which will allow the photographer to capture your real personality and that’s when you are at your best. The most natural photos are the most beautiful ones.


This part can refer to many different things including dress code on the day, the manner is which the business is communicated between you and the photographer as well self-presentation and great knowledge of wedding photography.

Legal Requirements

Make sure that the photographer has a registered and well reputable business name. Request a contract, which will specify all the discussed details and conditions. In the unlucky even you will always have a legal proof of what you were promised from the beginning.


This is a very tricky part where many of the couples get caught by trying to save money on their wedding photographer. Be very careful to be tempted by an attractive package and remember after the day is over these moments can no longer be brought back from the past. The photography pricing comprises of many different things and not just photographers time on the wedding day. The best equipment is not cheap and the photographer with higher prices will have better lenses and cameras thus you will have better quality photographs. The editing and creation of albums take about 2 weeks. This work is also included in the original price of the package. A professional photographer will edit each single image individually and will take a great care of each page when creating an album to make sure that it is 100% perfect. Just to give you an idea, wedding photography price should be 10% of the total cost of your wedding. This is an international standard formula you can use when in doubt of the correctness of the price offered to you. If you are really on a tight budget but would still love to have high-quality images hire a photographer just for the most essential parts of the wedding and let a dedicated family member or a friend capture the rest.

There are many options and one can feel overwhelmed with a choice. Listen to your heart and add some thoughts to it. Choose the photographer whose work caught your attention at the first place, make an appointment, get to know him/her well and if you are happy to go ahead with a booking, do so before someone else takes the date.