Capture the moment you say, “I do” on video.

MOTIONPIX is an expert provider of wedding photography services and we can also film your wedding for you.

While pictures can capture the beautiful colours and sights of an Indian wedding, it’s simply not the same as being too see, hear, and experience the event through film.

A wedding day can be incredibly stressful and exciting for both the bride and the groom. There are so many things to do and to remember, that the day passes in a blur. After all the planning that goes into making your special day a reality, you deserve to be able to relive every moment. Many couples find that every time they watch their wedding video, that new details jump out at them. It could be something from the vows you recited or a special moment during a dance. When you have someone film your wedding (using multiple cameras and angles) every precious moment has been captured for eternity on film.

Not many Durban wedding photographers offer you the chance to film and photograph your wedding and ceremonies at once, but MOTIONPIX does. We can provide you with an all-inclusive cinematic wedding films service that will ensure every single second of your day is recorded.

Benefits of filming your wedding:

  • It provides you a chance to show your children and grandchildren what your wedding day was like. They can witness the reactions of all your guests as the day unfolds, as well as any entertainment, singing and dancing that occurred.
  • We live in a busy society and it’s more common than ever to have dozens of friends and family members living all over the world. Often people cannot make it to your wedding due to the cost of travel, a lack of time, or an unforeseen event. By filming your wedding professionally, you create a beautiful way to share your special day with people who couldn’t attend in person in a way that is affordable and easy to share.
  • Imagine being able to commemorate a future anniversary by watching the day it all began – there’s nothing more romantic than that!

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